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Yousef Bashiti & Sons 

Yousef Bashiti & Sons (YBS)- Bashiti Stores is the new Bashiti Hardware which was established in 1980 and Amman West Stores which was established in 2006. Yousef Bashiti & Sons company became an officially registered partnership company in 2017.
Our focus is on serving our teeming customers, playing a deeper role as a specialized store, offering a broad spectrum of imported products such as hand tools, power tools, electrical supplies, general hardware, testing equipment, engineering tools, and a huge range of household items. We also offer a wide range of safety supplies, all kinds of multi-use hoses, bolts and screws, gardening tools, furniture, professional cleaning equipment, and materials for home and industrial use. We install all kinds of modern drapery and parke flooring also.
Our detergents section carries a wide range of brands that suits you in every way, we provide a large number of solutions and sanitizers that help every commercial company; including hotels, clinics, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, and more. We hope you enjoy your time and shopping with us, and we look forward to forging a long-lasting business relationship with you.


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Your One-Stop Shop ...
       for Home Repair 

We represent some of the biggest and leading brand names

in the market of which: 

  • Dewalt : The professional power tools people. 

  • Crown : the best power tools& accessories.

  • Yale : The famous locks & Security Company 

  • Bison : The Professional adhesive materials 

  • Irwin : The # 1 personal hand tools in the us market . 

  • knipex : The German cutters and pliers 

  • Fixtop :  high quality tools & equipment's . 

  • Extech : no1 professional testing equipment’s  

  • flir : professional thermal cameras 

  • WD-40 : the no1 product in rust remover 

  • mazaya aluminum : the best ladders, main holesand you can have  

  • ayed hoses : the number 1 Saudi water and pipe hoses. 

  • Tyrolit : the world's largest producers of bonded abrasives .

  • Yuni : the high quality Turkish door handles and locks.

  • Permatex : the leading adhesives & lubricants brand .

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Our strategy is to Train people constantly on product knowledge first, then the representation of the product “marketing”, and the most important “The Customer Care” concept with a superior efficiency and productivity. 


To outsource as many as possible customers providers & cover as many as possible sectors, and reach out for the customer needs; try to match it with the goods and services we can offer; and try to help them get what they need without going through the hassle and the wasting of their time, we offer our experience and expertise in the market of more than 35 years.

Look for the quality products and not to settle for less than quality, study how to bring the customer back again, and let him feel he is always welcome and served with honor. Price is our second priority, to provide the best possible competitive price for our customer, and let the customer feel the real difference. 


Bashiti YBS store Vision: To continue the success story we started 35 years ago and become a true “The Customer solution provider” with the quality and competitive price. 

Our Sales Vision: A slogan “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it” To be” The solution provider” in the market is our main goal for the future. To reach customers satisfaction is our aim to a successful future.

Electrican's Tools



1. Five Stars Services 

2. Tender’s services 

3. On site demos and training 

4. Good solutions for products 

5. Free parking’s 

6. E-Commerce website



Yousef Bashiti Stores is a top-notch products store and your one-stop destination for hardware and other spectra of products for all your needs. As a trading company, we are committed to working with our customers to remove the hassles of sourcing items for themselves, making them enjoy the ease of shopping with a guarantee of quality. We are focused on harnessing our trading skills and experience to provide our customers with a satisfactory shopping experience.
We carefully curate each item from trusted suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the quality of each product we offer to customers. We believe in consistently providing the best quality products while our customers deserve the best experience. This allows us to strive continuously to meet the specific needs of each customer.
Customers are glued to our company based on the quality standard we offer to our customers. We serve them with honor and ensure they always feel welcome by offering them free parking spaces. Our team is equipped with the latest resources to facilitate their service delivery and create a friendly environment for customers. Our expert service providers are positioned to lend a helping hand in completing renovations, repairs, or any other projects which our customers may require. The goal is to exceed customer expectations and retain their patronage.




We are passionate about our business activities. We support customers with superior quality products at the best prices.


We are solution-oriented; we are focused on responding to the immediate needs of our customers for quality goods and products to support their lifestyles and business activities.


Excellence is what we seek to achieve with each transaction and each customer. To us, excellence means utmost customer satisfaction.



We maintain integrity in all our business activities. As such, we have gained the confidence of our customers.

Quality Experience
We provide a quality shopping experience to our customers by replacing stress with a seamless shopping experience. 

Customer Care

Customer care is a core value of ours, and we work tirelessly to assure you that you are in great hands

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