• Epoxy Metal Bonding Adhesive,
  • Two-Part Adhesive Based On Epoxy Resins. Grey Resin And Beige Hardener.
  • Specially For Metal Object Which Need Resistance To Extreme Condition Such As Heat, Chemical, Vibrations Or Seawater.
  • Bonding, Repairing And Filling Metals,Wood, Stone, Pottery, Ceramics, Ivory And Various Plastics, Such As Polyester, Formica And Bakelite,To Themselves And To Each Other.
  • Not Suitable For Plastics Such As Polyethylene,P.T.F.E. And Silicone Rubber.
  • Super Strong And Waterproof
  • Temp. Resistance: From - 60°C Up To + 100°C.
  • 1 x 24ml Epoxy

Bison Epoxy Metal